The Avengers get ready to take on some evil green screen

Avengers Assemble News Round Up

Hello and welcome to CultureSlap where, amongst all of the Easter Egg eating and self loathing that we have planned over the Easter holidays, we also have plenty of time for getting excited about our most anticipated film of the next few months – Avengers Assemble! Yes it may have gained a daft second word in the title (apparently to ensure that we don’t confuse it with the bowler hat wearing Avengers…) but all footage looks absolutely amazing, and with Joss Whedon at the helm, what could possibly go wrong?! So without further ado, we present to you the definitive


"I like to think that I'm liked for my engaging personality..."

First up, check out below the first online scene from the AVENGERS ASSEMBLE – which features Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow beating the daylights out of Russian thugs , whilst wearing a little black dress and being tied to a chair!?

Proving that women CAN multi-task she’s even on the phone to S.H.I.E.L.D’S Agent Coulson the whole time… (speaking of whom, he got his own poster recently – it’s included below).
As anticipation grows for the Avengers movie – it sure looks like this is going to be a megaton cinematic event… check out our previous looks at the Avengers herehere and of course, here.

In a recent trailer, we also got a closer look at the army, who along with Loki, the Avengers will be facing. Marvel claim they are not the Skull or Kree – so who are they??
Some essential info for the Avengers recently appeared online – here is what fans wanted to know!

Hulk…Smash! HA!



The Avengers get ready to take on some evil green screen

Where it all begins:

  • Even though The Avengers is a sequel to all the Marvel movies that have come before it, they made sure to give every character “an introduction in this movie as if they never had a movie before.”
  • The story begins from SHIELD’s point of view. As you know, SHIELD an organization in charge of the safety of the world. An event occurs which causes problems for Nick Fury, and he must try to get this group to come together and fight the threat.
  • Thor is already back on Earth, and how he got back is explained
  • Thor’s brother Loki is involved in the Chaos and Thor attempts to be hands on in the solution. Thor believes that Loki is still redeemable, while others do not.
  • Hawkeye is on his own mission for most of this story.
  • Bruce Banner has gotten past what happened in the previous Hulk movies. He has not transformed into The Hulk in years and SHIELD isn’t after him to be the Hulk. SHIELD has him aboard the Hellicarrier helping with some important lab work — they need Banner for his Gamma expertise.
  • Captain America is struggling with the change in society, morals, values, and also technology.
  • Black Widow is on anther mission when we find her.

The relationships in The Avengers:

  • Avengers has less of a love story than any of the previous Marvel films. 
  • Natalie Portman does not appear in Avengers, and it is explained why that Thorsubplot isn’t continued in this movie. Jane Foster’s plot will be continued in Thor 2.
  • Black Widow and Hawkeye have a history together, having fought a lot together and worked with each other for years as agents of SHIELD. When asked if we see the characters in a romantic situation, Scarlett Johansson quipped “There’s no time for romance, we have shit to Avenge.”
  • Robert Downey Jr. on his relationship with Captain America: “imagine you met your long lost brother who was your father’s favorite and is town but doesn’t want to hang out.”
  • Jeremy Renner describes his character as a loner in general, because he is a sniper.
  • Agent Coulson meets Bruce Banner and Captain America for the first time in this movie. In the Marvel Universe, everyone grew up idolizing Captain America. So it’s a big day for Agent Coulson when he first meets the Cap. Clark Gregg describes Agent Coulson’s job in The Avengers: He needs to get all the rockstars together on the stage at the right time.
  • Loki’s actions are hard for the Avengers to nail down. Tom Hiddleston described his role in the film as “he is a chess master ten steps ahead of the game, and he’s playing everyone so beautifully” Loki is trying to manipulate the situation by going to each of the characters separately and play good cop/bad cop so that he can disassemble the group. Joss says that Loki is the prime villain and that he didn’t want to talk about the secondary villains because Loki is really the prime mover.

New looks for our superheros:

  • Captain America sports an updated costume. Chris Evans says Captain America’s new suit is a lot easier to do action scenes in, and that his cowl is so much more like the comic book version, and less like a helmet
  • Iron Man will have a couple new suits. Iron Man will start off with a Mark 7 armor and later transition to Mark 8.
  • Hulk is completely redesigned from when we last saw him
  • Loki will have a roughed up look with the same costume
  • Some minor tweaks have been made to the Thor costume which gives it “more edge”

And finally, for all of those Agent Coulson fans out there (and for a character who was only meant to be a minor figure originally, he’s got a lot of fans), here is his own poster finally…

We’ll be there on opening day. Have you booked your tickets yet?

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