Time Wasting Viral Videos: The best of 2011

This picture describes our enjoyment at the following videos.

I’m on holiday from life at the moment – so now is the perfect time to post some of the┬ávideos’┬áthat I’ve been wasting my time giggling like a little boy at. These are perfect time wasting material – in fact they are THE best viral videos of 2011.

So enjoy! Perhaps we’ll post weekly viral videos’ that we find amusing here at Culture Slap – but then again we might be too busy looking at dogs dancing on youtube to bother…

Best own goal of all time:

A dancing dog!

A cat hugging a kitten!

Old people try to use a webcam!

A baby being scared!

Cyclist versus Antelope!

Snoring Dormouse!

Firework technical problems!

Thriller Cat!


Ryan Gosling breaks up a fight!

A bear waves back!

Sexy Sax Man Careless Whisper!

Fenton (of course…)

The 19:57 from Euston

Fiona Bevan – A broken heart can heal!

A Christmas Nativity enthusiast!

(technically not this year – but rather festively great)


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