Barbie In A Mermaids Tale 2 DVD Review

How does a male in his mid twenties go about reviewing Barbie in A Mermaids Tale 2? After a quick investigation I discovered that I am not a 6-year-old girl and therefore probably not the target market here. With this in mind, how on earth could I go about giving an opinion about Barbie and her mermaid tales (and this is a sequel?!) objectively? With all of this in mind, I sat down with a female and attempted to philosophically dissect Barbie.

For a quick guide on all you need to know about the world of Barbie, then look no further. Here, Barbie is Merliah (and therefore not Barbie) a surfing champion from Malibu. Merliah is a normal teenager who does normal teenage things with normal attractive Barbie men things (and of course a surfing champion – normal). Merliah also happens to be a mermaid. Obviously. Once this has been discovered, she joins with her dolphin friend called Zuma and together they have a rather grand undersea adventure to rescue her mother, the queen of Oceana. Along the way (in and amongst the “do the Mermaid” dance) Merliah makes friends with other mermaids who turn out to be savage cannibals – just kidding, they are lovely – who teach her the value of friendship and together they save the ocean kingdom.

When all is said and done, the kind option would be to say that Barbie is a fairly harmless film of generic fluff. However, I am not a girl and I am not six so my judgement can only go so far. As mentioned earlier however, I didn’t see the film alone – and the female who witnessed this massacre with me had a lot to say. Indeed the phrase “It is officially one of the most insulting films aimed at young girls I have ever bore witness to in my entire life” was mentioned time and time again. Perhaps Barbie in a Mermaids tale 2 could be sold as therapy for older females who have some Barbie issues, because after watching this I discovered that my female companion, when younger, burnt her Barbie’s hair and flushed it down the toilet cackling as she saw her “bleach blond hair swirl down the toilet into the sewers, where it should be…” Wow. Deep stuff – and all thanks to Barbie.

If you’re a little girl then there could be something here for you to enjoy. If you’re not then you’d probably want to question your sanity before choosing to watch this. With Pixar, Disney and other great animators out there, you really have to question the corporate motives for putting lifeless, soulless, and ever smiling characters on the small screen. Do your children a favour and get Beauty and the Beast or Toy Story instead. Just don’t do this.

Barbie in A Mermaids Tale 2 is either further evidence of the impending apocalypse or some good fun for all the family. Sadly, after watching it, I am no closer to working out which one it is.



Barbie In A Mermaids Tale 2 

Directed By: William Lau

Cast: Kelly Sheridan, Ashleigh Ball, Kathleen Barr, Nicole Oliver

Special Features: 

  • Outtakes
  • Do The Mermaid Music Video
  • Polly Pocket Best Day Ever
  • Trailer Gallery

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